About Us

Tokni develops online learning simulations that provide learners with rich insights into complex problem areas.

Tokni was founded in 2000, and has developed a number of learning games and simulations, including the oil and gas business simulation OilSim, which was acquired by Schlumberger in 2014.

Tokni is the Faroese word for “technology” and is pronounced [tok-ni].

The team

The core Tokni team consists of:

  • Olavur Ellefsen, CEO
  • Helena Egholm, Office Administrator
  • Bo Lærke Hansen, Software Engineer
  • Eyðbjørg Leo, UX Designer
  • Marita Foldbo Holm, Software Engineer
Tokni sp/f - N. Finsensgota 16 - FO-100 Torshavn - Faroe Islands - tokni@tokni.com - +298 556600